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The need to file with governments all over the world for safety, security and commercial reasons has become a de facto part of international logistics. Failing to adequately integrate regulatory compliance electronically into your international freight logistics operations means slower performance and possibly costly fines. Because of the filing diversity that exists with each country, transportation mode and type (e.g. import, export, in-transit and customs declarations), you need to work with experts who understand the local requirements and have the ability to get the critical data from not only your organization, but your trading partners.

We offer the following support:

  • Support for import, export and in-transit filings across numerous countries in Gulf, North America, South America, Europe and Asia for air, ocean and truck transportation modes.
  • Customs declaration filing support in selected counties in Gulf, North America, Europe and all other Countries.
  • Advanced capabilities to gather data from multiple parties and integrate it for filing
  • Centralized data store for all filings and compliance agency responses to enable complete audit and reporting capabilities.

Here at JunisCo, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified and fully licensed customs clearance professionals ready to provide you with a complete range of customs clearance services.  We are also proficient with Harmonized System Code and all local procedures which will save you valuable time.

We handle all kinds of shipments, from simple single-line deliveries through to complex multi-product arrangements. We are also able to handle temporary imports and the organisation of exhibition displays for example, Our Senior customs Consultants are available at all times to advise you on the most cost effective and efficient way to import into the United Arab Emirates, and our high level of expertise combined with state of the art processing capabilities and dedication to customer service mean we are best placed to help your company with all elements of product transport.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in All Transportation Arrangements.
  • Suggestions Regarding Packaging and Labelling.
  • Organising Insurance.
  • Relaying Customs Regulations.
  • Classifying Merchandise and Duties Owed.
  • Determining All Costs.
  • Consultations to Improve your importing program.

In the United Arab Emirates, Customs duty is calculated at the rate of 5% on CIF value, which is worked out based on the commercial invoices for the shipment, however Customs are able to set their own estimated value on the goods, which is final. Commissions and other fees are also dutiable.

Only companies with valid United Arab Emirates trade licenses and Dubai Customs Codes are allowed to import into Dubai, so it is important to partner with a legal, certified and experienced local company like JunisCo.

Documents required for custom clearance are as below:


  • Original stamped and Signed Invoice
  • Packing list


  • Original stamped and Signed Invoice
  • Original Packing list
  • Original Certificate of Origin issued by a Chamber of Commerce

In case originals are not available Customs will impose a fine of USD 275, but this can be claimed back if the original invoice and certificate of origin is submitted to the Customs within 30 days of arrival of vessel/aircraft. Only entities with valid United Arab Emirates valid trade licenses are allowed import goods into Dubai and also a Dubai Custom Code is also required. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in this matter. We conduct all the customs transactions online through the Customs Portal so there is virtually no delay in customs clearance in Dubai. The moment the deliver order is released by the airlines/shipping lines, we are able to clear the goods.

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