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Managing and controlling the movement of your products, whether they be physical goods, information, services or anything else, often involves air freight. We at JunisCo, do not have our own aircraft to fill, which makes us extremely flexible and allows us unrestricted access to nearly unlimited capacity. We operate worldwide and can offer delivery through over 750 airports.

JunisCo are ideally placed to handle your air freight shipments, both import and export, due to our prime location in Dubai. A large number of airlines operate flights to and from Dubai, which means there is always a great range of services available for you to choose for your products, however the quality, cost and speed of service can vary greatly between carriers. Having an experienced and knowledgeable partner in Dubai, like us, will help you get the most efficient service to suit your needs.

We are available at all times to advise and offer on a multitude of air freight services, and our carefully negotiated standing agreements with several carriers will help you obtain the best prices.

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